3 type of tourist houses (2-4 places with shower, WC and TV).
Entirely in houses there are 40 bed places and 10 extra places.
One house is adapted for people with special needs.

Tent places (unlimited).

Trailer places (16 trailer places with electricity connections with usual and also with European connectors).

Bathhouse (in building are space for 20 persons. Fireplace, TV and audio centre, small kitchen with electic range, WC, shower, dressing room and sauna).

Multifunctional sports ground with synthetic deck for any kind of sport games and for entertainment (basketball, volleyball, handball, mini football, tenis, and it can also be used as a deck for dancing).


Car parking.

There is also a kitchen for common use with plates, refridgerator, range, microwave, teapot, etc. Here you can cook some breakfast, lunch and dinner.