Prices for one day (24 hours) in camping houses

Type of house
Number of houses

Weekly offer
(7 days + 7 nights)

House for 4
(2 rooms)

(extra places
60 EUR

360 EUR (instead of 420 EUR)

House for 2
(extra places
50 EUR

300 EUR (instead of 350 EUR)

House with 2 rooms and
with private entrance

2 45 EUR

270 EUR (instead of 315 EUR)

House adapted for people
with special needs
1  60 EUR
after additional agreement


*For each extra place for 24 hours + 3 EUR - 6 EUR per person. 
In the price there are bedclothes, kitchen using, parking and TV included.

 If you want to stay longer than one week – discount after additional agreement.
 After 11pm silence must be observed in camping.


Other camping prices

Service Number of places


Tent places

6 EUR for 24h (per person)
(in price there is car parking included,
WC, shower, kitchen)

If you stay in camping 6 days – 7th day is for free

Treiler places
16 places with electricity connections

18 EUR for 24 h (for 2 persons)
(6 EUR per person + 3 EUR for place

+ 3 EUR for electricity)
6 EUR for 24 h (for each next person)

If you stay in camping 6 days – 7th day is for free

Bathhouse up to 20 persons
  • Hall (+ TV, CD, kitchen, fireplace) – 8 EUR for hour

sauna – 15 EUR for hour;

  • Hall + sauna for 24 hours - 150 EUR
individual use
up to 5 persons

15 EUR per 1 hour,
each next hour - 8 EUR

Camping rent for
sport games
(without houses)

Up to 200 persons (6 EUR per person)
More persons - after additional agreement 

For previous booking there must be and agreement concluded. Booking becomes valid, when at least 30% from total price is paid.

Possible agreement and discount.

For preschoolers camping is for free, but schoolchildren (from 7 till 18 years) have 50% discount for trent and treiler places.
We can help you to organize sport games.
It is possible to arrange the nurture for groups.
We can organize different celebration banquets.